Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working hard or Hardly working?

Yesterday we had the annual review for Anabelle's early intervention services.  Her physical therapist (who we haven't been too thrilled with anyway) stated that since Anabelle hadn't really been meeting the goals set forth for her and seemed to be fatiguing during sessions, she recommended lowering her therapy sessions from once a week to once every other week.  Well, obviously I shot that one down immediately and told her that if Anabelle wasn't progressing in what she was doing, maybe she, as the therapist, needed to devise a new plan.  The EI coordinator backed us up, telling the therapist, "We don't decrease services when a child is not making progress, only when they have progressed so much that they no longer need our services."  Idiot.  But I'm not going to dwell on that right now, the incident actually just got me thinking: what progress HAS Anabelle made in the past year?  So, let's examine the evidence in photographic form:

Anabelle: one day old.  NG tube in nose supplying her nutrition.  Holding (but not sucking) binky in mouth

Anabelle: 6 weeks.  Maggie Simpsoning the bink after oral therapy

Anabelle: two months.  Drinking from a bottle

Anabelle: 5 months.  First taste of baby food

Anabelle: 6 months.  Drinking from a cup

That was a look at feeding advancement.  Now let's check out physical therapy, shall we?

Anabelle: 10 weeks.  Lifting head during tummy time

Anabelle: 10 months.  Trying out a crawling position
P.S. This is her awesome OT pictured, not the douchebag PT

And a go at sitting, same day

And finally....
Anabelle at 14 months, testing out the ol' stems (once again, courtesy of her OT)

So, I don't know y'all, think we should just throw in the towel on Anabelle?  We've decided to just throw out the old PT

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  1. Glad to hear you threw out the PT and kept the great OT!! Lets hear it for therapists who give it their all!