Monday, September 5, 2011

Road Trip Part Deux

One of the unfortunate things about having a special needs child is that it can be very difficult to travel as a complete family.  Anabelle was more than willing to tolerate the 1200 mile round trip to Michigan to see her cephaly friends, while Elyse would never have survived a trip like that (probably because somewhere in hour 5, Mommy would have snapped due to all the whining).  When it was time for a trip up to Hema and Hawa's country house, Anabelle was the one who got to stay behind and hang out with Daddy.  If it had been just a family trip, she would have come along, but this time we had two other families travelling with us, and it didn't seem fair to have to ask 7 other kids to always be waiting for Anabelle to be prepared to go out, or having to stick to her med/feeding schedule.  So, this road trip was Elyse and Mommy time.  Hema and Hawa have 14 acres in upstate New York, outside of Binghamton. Two houses and various other out buildings, a swingset, a river, some cows next door and lots and lots of fresh air!

The usual suspects (minus a few who couldn't make it)

Happy hayriders

Not just for babies, works great for kids of all ages when mommies are ready to drink!

Hema reads a bedtime story (btw, this was the ONLY night the mass sleepover was permitted.  My daughter's bloodshot eyes the next day were proof that she needed to sleepover with ONLY Mommy for the rest of the trip!)

HOURS were spent playing in the river.  These are NOT mermaids on a rock, they informed us.  They are, in fact, T-rexes.  Not a sissy amongst us

The neighbors

In case anyone was foolish enough to believe that travelling with this many kids is a vacation for mommy...

Pure joy in the fact that mommy let her swim right in her clothes!

Love how the biggest headliner at the town Labor Day picnic is BINGO

Anabelle enjoyed a quiet week at home with some extra therapy.  Daddy, once again, missed all of the excitement, although I suspect he's not TOO upset about that!

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