Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anabelle's Reach

We have noticed from the very beginning the overwhelming attraction Anabelle has to everyone who meets her.  However, with the occurrence of some recent events that put Anabelle in a more public spotlight, we have found that this pull does not require a face-to-face meeting to find yourself under her spell.

In December, some friends held a holiday gift sale benefit for Anabelle.  Countless attendees who I had never met came up to me and said they were there because they saw the picture of Anabelle in the paper, or on the fliers, and were touched by her story.  One of the women was even carrying the photo from the newspaper around with her!

When Anabelle's struggle with the state Medicaid office was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer's series on Medicaid issues, we met many new friends in the area, many of whom had special needs kids themselves, but some of whom simply fell in love with the sissies.  While it was a little surprising to have all of these people contacting us, I decided pretty quickly that it was not my place to stand in the way of Anabelle spreading her own joy to the world.  If she has found a way for her little light to shine, I can only be the lightkeeper.  The more people who hold her in their hearts, the greater the blessing to her, to our family, and to her friends.  And so, when one of our new friends (who is not a special needs parent, himself) felt moved to send the girls a gift, we were overjoyed to receive it:

Oh, that's right: it's a super big fish pillow!  And, I might add, that Elyse is currently asleep on it right now!

It came with friends!

Even "Teddy" had to get in on the action

By the way, these adorable friends were made by artist Jelene Morris, you can see her work here if you want to get some of your own:


  1. Ah, but a baby’s reach should exceed her grasp,
    Or what’s a heaven for? - (with NO apologies to Robert Browning

  2. Anabelle surely does have a great reach. Your mother is one of my former teachers and I have been following up on anabelle for quite some time now because of her. She is an amazing little girl, and you are a wonderful family. Anabelle was blessed to come into your family, and I should add, you were blessed to have Anabelle.