Monday, June 25, 2012

The little things...

As a special needs parent, it can be really easy to get caught up in the negative things in your life: frequent illnesses, fights with insurance companies, stares when you take your kid out in public, financial worries.  Not to mention the biggest elephant in the room: that your kid has special needs.  It has become so important to my sanity that I make sure to notice and note the random acts of kindness I encounter every day.  Let's take today, for example:

My husband offered to get up with Elyse so I could sleep a little longer (unfortunately, I had a client meeting and couldn't take him up on that one...)

Despite telling us that Anabelle's prescription would be ready at noon, I showed up at the pharmacy at 10:30.  We were totally out of it for her noon dose, and I really wanted to meet a friend for lunch, which means I had to pick it up and drop it off to the nurse BEFORE I could go out.  Our pharmacist dropped everything she was doing to prepare it for me on the spot (not the simplest task, as that particular medication has to be specially compounded for the princess)

I have been going over my monthly rate plan on cell phone minutes the past few months.  The lovely AT&T customer service rep, Javier Hernandez, helped me pick out a new plan that would cover my needs without costing me a whole lot more, plus retroactively activated it to cover my overage charges and gave me a substantial refund of the difference.  He even gave me his extension so I can call him directly with any future problems

A young man pulling into the parking lot at Target saw me struggling to get a heavy build-your-own bookcase into my car, he pulled up right next to me, got out and loaded it in my trunk

A woman at the pool let Elyse use her kid's swimmy ring when we had forgotten ours.

My husband made dinner

There was nothing special about today.  Today was just an ordinary day.  But the incredible thing is, it is so easy to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day by simply opening your eyes...

Sisters sharing a laugh


  1. :) Kate you are such a good momma! I'm so glad to have met you (via internet anyway) Thanks for reminding me to see the good in my days.

  2. Sometimes the ordinary days are the best ones. As I tell folks, we are never bored. Ever.

    I love how you are focusing on the positives.